CyberAgent's Kick-Flight Confirmed for Late January

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CyberAgent has announced that their new mobile “360° aerial combat” game, Kick-Flight (キックフライト), will be released globally in late January 2020.


Kick-Flight is a 4-vs-4 aerial combat action game where players work together with their teammates to collect more crystals than the opposing team. Players will be able to unleash different attacks and skills through simple controls.




Pre-registration Rewards

The pre-registration rewards for the game features JC, the currency used in the game.


30,000: 300 JC
50,000: 600 JC
100,000: 1000 JC
150,000: 1500 JC
200,000: 2000 JC
300,000: 3000 JC
400,000: 4000 JC

Official Site

Official Twitter

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