Let the Fashion Battle Begins! “CocoPPa Dolls” Mobile Game Release Worldwide on 20th January

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UNITED Inc. confirmed the worldwide release date for its latest fashion smartphone game “CocoPPa Dolls” on 20th January 2020. The pre-registration of the game has reached 100,000.

A new PV is also revealed, previewing the game’s theme song “DRESS U UP” by auditioned singer Toma Rin (燈舞りん).



CocoPPa Dolls is a fashion simulation game, which allows players to change the outfit for the avatars. Featuring more than 1,000 different outfits, you will be leading the avatars to join the world coordination contest.

You can also form units with friends and showcase your outfit to the world in the stage mode. In this mode, you can earn points by performing your outfit and use the point to trade for high rarity clothes that will update once a month.

The game is collaborating with Hello Kitty and players can even use the adorable characters as decoration. An outfit trial is currently held on the official website. Click here for more information.


The game is set in the universe of “Cocoroa”.

Cocoroa has 12 planets, each planet has a unique fashion style.

You can find a variety of fashions such as Aries’ cute and pop style;
Cancer love resort fashion; Libra’s celebrity and elegant style,
Taurus’s gothic and horror style, Virgo’s girly and fairy tale style,
Chinese and Arabian etc.

The main character, Thia, meets friends and travel the planets
to become the most fashionable “PrincessDoll”.

Would you like to experience a fantastic story of traveling the planets with Thia?

Pre-registration Rewards

Pre-registration has reached 100,000 and all players are rewarded with Platinum X 1,500. If pre-registration reaches 150,000, players will be rewarded with a total of 2,500 Platinum (for 35 times gacha).

Official Website

Official Twitter

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