“Kick-Flight” Action Mobile Game Now Available for Download!

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CyberAgent’s “360° aerial combat” action mobile game “Kick-Flight” officially launches in over 130 countries today (13th February), including Korean, Taiwan, North America and Europe.



“Kick-Flight” is a 4-vs-4 aerial combat action game where players work together with their teammates to beat the opposing team.

Players can control the characters with different personalities by tapping or swiping on the screen. The characters can fly in the air and release killer moves. Collect crystals as many as possible within three minutes, and the team with more crystals is going to be the winner of the battle.

Players can also invite friends to battle via scanning QR code and obtain the maximum 3000 in-game currency as rewards after winning the battles.

Pre-registration Rewards

To celebrate the game launch and pre-registration reaches 700,000, all players will be able to obtain 4000 in-game currency and kicker scout ticket X 3. A bunch of items can also be obtained as the 10-day login bonus.

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