“Dragon Break” Smartphone Action RPG Now Available for Download!

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EISYS latest smartphone action RPG, Dragon Break (ドラゴンブレイク) is now available for download on iOS and Android devices.



The 3D action RPG is set in a fantasy realm where magic exists. Once upon a time, the soul of the Knight of Light was crushed during the battle between the Dark Dragon. He lost his memory and landed on the earth by the ride of the shooting star. He joined the warriors on earth and stepped on a new journey to retrieve his memory.

Game System

Players will be able to control the 3D characters to discover the magical world in the game and unleash their skills to fight against the dark feature. Apart from the story mode, multiplayer contents such as boss raids are available.

Game Launch and Pre-registration Rewards

To celebrate the game launch and pre-registration reaches 100.000, all players can obtain Diamond X 6,000 and Helic (ヘリク) special costume as rewards.

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