“Monster Hunter Riders” Release Date Confirmed on 19th February, New Gameplay Videos Revealed!

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CAPCOM new “Monster Hunter” smartphone RPG “Monster Hunter Riders” (モンスターハンター ライダーズ) is confirmed to release on 19th February for iOS and Android devices. A 30-second  video is also streamed to introduce the gameplay.

Teaser Video

Story and Settings

“Monster Hunter Riders” retains the core animation style and spirit of the franchise and players will be able to collect the popular monsters from the franchise with more to be added in future updates.

The game features a completely original story and is set in the Ferujia Continent (フェルジア大陸), where once suffered from a catastrophic disaster. Ten brave knights and their dragons saved the world and since then started the Kingdom where monsters and riders coexist for hundreds of years. People now call these saviors the “Ten Great Dragon Knight”.


Team building and strategy is important in order to win in command-based battles.

Players will be able to build your team with a variety of monsters and riders, as well as unleash their unique skills.

The riders’ skills can be unleashed when the skill gauge reaches its fullest and it will be performed in 3D animation.


Players can now watch the skills demonstration of the monsters on the official Twitter. The characters and monsters list can also be checked on the official Website.

Here are some of the monsters announced for the game.
■ Rathalos (リオレウス)

■ Zinogre (ジンオウガ)

■ Rathian (リオレイア)

■ Lagiacrus (ラギアクルス)

■ Glavenus (ディノバルド)

■ Great Jaggi (ドスジャギィ)

■ Roald Ross (ロアルドロス)

■ Brachydios (ブラキ ディオス)

Pre-registration Rewards

Players can now pre-register the game through the official website and you will be able to obtain the following rewards when the game is launched.

100,000:Zeny X 2500, Rider Minerals X 1000, Otomon Dumpling Piece X 500 *Clear
200,000:★3 Rio Leia egg *Clear
300,000:★3 Zinogre egg ×1個

Official Site

Official Twitter

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