“A3!” X “PSYCHO-PASS 3” Collaboration Starts Today!

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Liber Entertainment’s actor-nurturing smartphone game “A3!” today (20th February) starts collaboration with the TV anime “PSYCHO-PASS 3”! The collaboration is only available on the Japanese server.

Collaboration Event

The collaboration story explains that Mankai Company is adapting “PSYCHO-PASS 3” into a stage play, while the main cast Ikaruga Misumi (斑鳩三角) and Utsuki Chikage (卯木千景) is having troubles in conveying the bondings between characters.

Collaboration event will be held during the collaboration period and players, who log in for 6 days, can obtain SSR Ikaruga Misumi (斑鳩三角)!



Collaboration Scout

Collaboration Scout will be held during the collaboration period, while each “PSYCHO-PASS 3” enforcer is pairing with one “A3!” actor! The official Twitter also reveals the visuals for the collaboration characters!

■ SSR Utsuki Chikage (卯木千景) X Kei Mikhail Ignatov (炯・ミハイル・イグナトフ)

■ SR Takatō Tasuku (高遠丞) X Kazumichi Irie (入江一途)

■ SR Furuichi Sakyo (古市左京) X Shinya Kōgami (狡噛 慎也)

Event period: 20th February 2020 (Thur) 00:00 ~2nd March 2020 (Mon) 13:59 [JPT]

Official Site

Official Twitter

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