[Qoo News] “Graffiti Smash” X “IDOLiSH 7” Collaboration Started on 11th March!


Bandai Namco’s slingshot smartphone game “Graffiti Smash” (グラフィティスマッシュ) started the collaboration with idol rhythm game “IDOLiSH 7” (アイドリッシュセブン) on 11th March 2020.


Riku Nanase (七瀬 陸) and Iori Izumi (和泉 一織) from “IDOLiSH 7” casts as the hunters in the “Graffiti Smash” under the name of “Riku” (リク) and “Iori” (イオリ). Two introduction videos are also revealed.

Collaboration Characters

■ “Iori” (イオリ) – CV: Toshiki Masuda (増田俊樹)
The noble hunter with a cold face and passionate heart


■ “Riku” (リク) – CV: Kensho Ono (小野賢章)
A hardworking and positive hunter who grew up in an orphanage


Collaboration Event

Players will be able to obtain different items and collaboration gacha tickets by completing the time-limited challenges. A special “Riku” Stamp will also be available.


▼“Riku” Stamp (Chat Stamp that can be used to communicate in dungeons)


Official Site

Official Twitter

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