"Evangelion Battlefields" Launch Date Delays to 2nd April

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“Neon Genesis Evangelion” upcoming mobile game “Evangelion Battlefields” (エヴァンゲリオン バトルフィールズ) has delayed the release date to 2nd April 2020.


Originally set to launch on 26th March,“Evangelion Battlefields” is dubbed as a “cinematic 3D battle game”, which allows players to manipulate the Evangelion to battle against other players.

Players will be able to link the game to real-life EVA figures, and utilize them as “controllers”. The pilot can ride on the “controllers” and players will be able to control the Evangelion according to the features of the pilot.

Mini-Game “Break through the A.T.Field !!”

To compensate for the delay of the game launch, a mini-game has been added to the official site. Pre-registration rewards will multiply according to the amount that the A.T.Field was broken.

Players can also pre-register the game via following the official Twitter or entering your email address on the website.

・10,000 times:2 times Gems (Gems x 180)
・20,000 times:3 times Gems (Gems x 270), Character Gacha x 11 times
・30,000 times:4 times Gems(Gems x 360)
・40,000 times:5 times Gems(Gems x 450)
・50,000 times:6 times Gems(Gems x 540), Character+Weapon Gacha x 11 times
・60,000 times:7 times Gems(Gems x 630)
・70,000 times:8 times Gems(Gems x 720)
・80,000 times:9 times Gems(Gems x 810), Character Gacha x 22 times

Official Site

Official Twitter

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