“The Witch's House” Coming to Mobile on May 19

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GOODROID announced a smartphone remake of the classic horror video game “The Witch’s House” (魔女の家) and is set to release on 19th May 2020 for iOS and Android devices.


The Witch’s House is a freeware puzzle-oriented horror game by Fummy and was first released in October 2012. The main goal of the game is to solve all puzzles correctly and escape the witch’s house. This game is played from bird’s-eye view using ornate 16-bit graphics. The game wins popularity with its creepy atmosphere and multiple miserable death scenes.

The smartphone remake will feature new functionalities. For instance, players will be able to unlock “Fast Mode” after clearing the first ending.

The franchise also released a prequel comic book series titled “The Witch’s House: The Diary Of Ellen”. A PC remake titled “The Witch’s House MV” was also released in 2018 via Steam.

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