Unravel the Truth of the Devils! “Evil Prince and the Puppet” Smartphone Game Reveals PV and Cast!

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BLACK CROWN upcoming smartphone game “Evil Prince and the Puppet” (悪魔王子と操り人形) reveals two new PV introducing the concept and main cast.

In the game, “you” are sacrificed to the evil prince, Dia, who devours human souls. For some reason, you survive from his hunt and start living in the mysterious castle that houses Dia, his knight Espada, and princess Fiori.


Cast Announcement PV

Characters and Cast

■ Dia – CV: Yū Kobayashi (小林ゆう)
Dia is originally a beloved prince of “Koruchikamu” Kingdom (コルチカム), but for some reason, his kingdom fell and he was transformed into a devil. His outlook is a young boy and was trapped in the loneliness of eternity. He ruthlessly devours human’s souls to obtain “Mana”, but your existence starts to revive his memory as a human.

■ Espada – CV: Makoto Furukawa (古川慎)
Espada is the knight of Dia and vowed to stay loyal to the prince no matter what. Dia saved him from humans’ imprisonment and took care of him in the castle ever since. He is a demon but wields a sword instead of magic to fight.

■ Fiori – CV: Natsuki Hanae (花江夏樹)
Fiori is a mysterious princess who came from a nearby country. She knows that Dia is a devil, but approaches him intentionally for some reason. She has a free spirit and does things only at her pace. She deceives the demons and will do whatever it takes to get what she wants.

Episodes Preview

【Past Arc】1.Dia
Loneliness seizes him as he transforms into a demon who devours souls for a living. On the other hand, he starts to enjoy the ecstasy of this cruel hunt.

【Past Arc】2.Espada
Captured by the humans, he waits for the end to come. The full moon brings a moody prince, who saved him from death.

【Past Arc】3. Fiori
Her determination is strengthened bowing under the crown of the devil. The princess, who uses to mask herself, falls into further darkness.


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悪魔王子と操り人形 Evil Prince and the Puppet 悪魔王子と操り人形 BLACK CROWN
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