WFS's AFTERLOST Celebrates its Sixth Anniversary!

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On 26th May, Wright Flyer Studio’s (WFS) AFTERLOST – Shōmetsu Toshi (消滅都市) celebrates its Sixth anniversary. In celebration for the occasion, WFS has launched a special anniversary website for the series detailing new merch and an official art book which are available for pre-order.

Sixth Anniversary Merch

On the anniversary website, fans will be able to pre-order special merchandise including acrylic keychains, character badges, t-shirts, AFTERLOST-themed notepads, towels, and the official art book filled with concept arts, and sceneries from the series.

About the Series

AFTERLOST was first released as a mobile game in 2014. The game tells the story of a delivery man, Takuya (拓也), meeting a mysterious young girl, Yuki (ユキ) and together, they head into a Lost city to search for the young girl’s father.

In 2016, a major update, AFTERLOST – Shōmetsu Toshi 2 was released, followed by AFTERLOST – Shōmetsu Toshi 0 which was released in 2018.

The series also received a TV anime adaptation which aired in Japan from April to June 2019.

Official Site

消滅都市0. Shoumetsu Toshi 0. | Japanese 消滅都市0. WFS, Inc. 4.6 More【新作】AFTERLOST - 消滅都市 AFTERLOST - Shoumetsu Toshi 【新作】AFTERLOST - 消滅都市 WFS, Inc. 4.0 More
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