“Dance Killer Trick!!! - Boys, be DANCING! -” Ends Services on August 5, Main Story Continues on Offline Version

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KONAMI announces that the otome rhythm game “Dance Killer Trick!!! – Boys, be DANCING! -” (ダンキラ!!! – Boys, be DANCING! -) will end services on 5th August 2020. The game will turn to an offline version, which allows players to continue to enjoy its existing content.  


“Dance Killer Trick!!! – Boys, be DANCING! -” is a rhythm game, which allows players to nurture the young dancers and guide them to win in dance battles. The game launched on 21st May 2019 and has been running for one year and five months.

Official Announcement

Offline Version

KONAMI confirms that the game will turn offline for players to read the main story, as well as playing the songs. However, no new events or songs will be updated. The offline version will have no stamina system and auto-play function.


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