Kemono Girls RPG “Red: Pride of Eden” Release Date Confirmed on July 9

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YOOZOO GAMES confirms that its upcoming RPG “Red: Pride of Eden” (レッド:プライドオブエデン) will release on 9th July 2020 for iOS and Android devices. The game also celebrates its pre-registration reaching 1,150,000 milestones.

“Red: Pride of Eden” centers on a group of girls known as “Kemono Girls”, who is created under the inspiration of different animals. Players will start an adventure with these “Kemono Girl” as they use their special abilities “Red” to protect their homeland, Eden, a place where animals don’t exist.


Opening Movie


Players will be able to form teams with over 50 “Kemono Girls” and develop a close relationship with them. The game features a fully voiced main story, in which you will be leading the girls to solve all kinds of problems and unravel the secrets of Eden.

The “Kemono Girls” are differentiated with their skills, weapons, and jobs. It also features a dynamic animation and live-2D performance when they unleash the ultimate skills.

Characters and Cast

■ Noel – CV: Rumi Ōkubo (大久保瑠美)

■ Ursula – CV: Aoi Yūki (悠木碧)

■ Cosette – CV: Rika Tachibana (立花理香)

■ Bell – CV: Maaya Uchida (內田真禮)

■ Monica – CV: Sumire Uesaka (上坂すみれ)

■ Mei – CV: Aya Suzaki (洲崎綾)

■ Alice – CV: Emi Nitta (新田恵海)

■ Sara – CV: Aya Uchida (內田彩)

■ Gloria – CV: Suzuko Mimori (三森 すずこ)

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レッド:プライドオブエデン-プラエデ Red: Pride of Eden レッド:プライドオブエデン-プラエデ YOOZOO Inc. Release Date: Summer 2020 Pre-register
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