“Hiyoko President's Town Development” Simulation Game Now Available for Download!

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Produced by CONNECT and developed by Appirits, town-building simulation game “Hiyoko President’s Town Development” (ひよこ社長のまちづくり) is now available to download for iOS and Android devices.

All players can obtain the Little Bird Goddess Statue to celebrate its pre-registration reaching 100,000 milestones.


“Hiyoko President’s Town Development” is a casual simulation game, where players will work as the Hiyoko (Chick) president of the Piyo House, a company that meets all the daily needs of your town through production and manufacturing.

When your town is gradually developed, you will be able to invest in different projects, including tourism and fishery. But at the same time, you have to deal with problems, such as pollution and resource depletion, that the development brings.

You can build up ranches, restaurants, factories, and all kinds of buildings in your town. Different types of hiyoko will be unlocked as your town thrives!

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