“HELIOS Rising Heroes” Reveals Opening Movie & Dynamic Skills Animation!

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Happy Elements’ Cacalia Studio reveals the opening movie for its upcoming hero smartphone game “HELIOS Rising Heroes” (エリオスライジングヒーローズ), which is set to release this summer.

The opening movie previews the game’s theme song “Rise Sunshine,” which is performed by voice actors Toshiyuki Toyonaga (豊永 利行) and Wataru Hatano (羽多野涉) as their characters, Akira Otori (鳳アキラ) and Brad Beams.

“HELIOS Rising Heroes” is a command battle RPG, which follows the story of eight rookie heroes and seven hero mentors, as they form teams to protect earth. Players will be their commander and guide them through different missions. The heroes’ skills will be presented in 2D animation.

2D Animation Previews

The official Twitter has streamed several videos to preview the 2D animation and voices when the heroes unleash their skills. Check the video below!

■ South Sector

■ North Sector

■ West Sector

■ East Sector

Pre-registration Rewards

Pre-registration of the game has reached 120,000 milestones and additional goals are added to the campaign! Players will be able to obtain Ruby equivalent to 10 gacha and 10 gacha tickets when the pre-registration achieves 200,000. Pre-registration can be done by following the official Twitter account.

・30,000:Ruby for 2 times Gacha *Clear
・50,000:Ruby for 4 times Gacha *Clear
・70,000:Ruby for 6 times Gacha *Clear
・100,000:Special Commander’s Room Furniture and 10 times Gacha Ticket *Clear
・110,000:Twitter Icon *Clear
・120,000:Ruby for 7 times Gacha *Clear
・130,000:Twitter Header
・140,000:AP Restore Item Set
・150,000:Ruby for 8 times Gacha
・160,000:AP Restore Item Set
・170,000:Ruby for 9 times Gacha
・180,000:AP Restore Item Set
・190,000:Smartphone Wallpaper
・200,000:Ruby for 10 times Gacha + 10 gacha tickets

Official Site

Official Twitter

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