LINE GAMES’ “Xross Chronicle” Ends Service on September 29

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LINE GAMES announces that its smartphone RPG “Xross Chronicle” (クロスクロニクル) will end service on 29th September 2020. The game was launched on 1st October 2019 in Japan and has run for 1 year. It also went global in February 2020, which supports six languages including English, Thai, and Chinese (Simplified/Traditional)

1000 Star Light Stones will be presented to players everyday after the maintenance on 30th July.



“Xross Chronicle” is a remake of Floppy Games’ smartphone game “YokaiSaga” (요괴), which was released in Korea in 2017. It features a Possession System where players can summon different demonic creatures to possess on the character. Possession will change the appearance and ability of the characters, while different combinations will affect the result of the battles.

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