[Qoo News] “IDOLiSH7” Celebrates 5th Anniversary with 5 Major Campaigns


The smartphone rhythm game “IDOLiSH7” (アイドリッシュセブン) today (20th August) celebrates its 5th anniversary with five major campaigns. Players who log in during the campaign can obtain a maximum of 77 free gacha draws!


5 Major Campaigns

■ 77 Free Gacha Draws
From August 20 to 31, players will get 77 free gacha draws, which includes cards from past events. The draws also guarantee 7 SSR cards.

■ 5th Anniversary BEGINNING NEXT Login Bonus
The seven-day login bonus will give away Stella Stone x 35, and SSR Platinum Collection ticket x4, for you to select the card that you like!

■ 5th Anniversary Event & Special Story
Special story will be available in the “Inspiration! Nanairo Kitchen Event,” where players can obtain a bunch of rewards.

■ New UR Cards illustrated by Arina Tanemura
New 5th Anniversary UR Cards of the 16 idols from IDOLiSH7, TRIGGER, Re:vale, ŹOOĻ will be picked up at the “5th Anniversary Limited Rare Audition.” The cards feature a special illustration by the game’s character designer and mangaka Arina Tanemura (種村有菜).


■ New Function, #Nanakame
A time-limited function #Nanakame (#ナナカメ) will be available until September 17. Players will be able to take photos with your favourite idols, edit it and upload to your social media.


Special Video, OVER/5Y

5th Anniversary Site

Official Site

Official Twitter

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