[Qoo News] “Big Bad Monster” x “Fire Force” Collaboration Confirmed for September 1


CommSeed’s city-wrecking PvP game “Big Bad Monster” (ビッグバッドモンスターズ) confirms a collaboration with TV anime “Fire Force.” The collaboration event will be held between 1st to 15th September 2020.


In the collaboration event, players will be able to summon the members of the Special Fire Force to your city due to the occurs of unknown fire diseasers! Details about the collaboration will be revealed later. Stay tuned on QooApp for more information!

About “Big Bad Monster”

In “Big Bad Monster,” players can not only build their own city, but also collect giant monsters and monster girls to wreak havoc in cities. Each character has their own unique characteristics, depending on the character selected, players will have different powers to use when destroying buildings. This also means that you can build different structures to defend your city.

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