Quick Starter Guide to "Higurashi When They Cry Mei”

The mobile game “Higurashi When They Cry Mei” (ひぐらしのなく頃に 命) officially launches for iOS and Android devices. We know that you are dying to dive in the mysterious cases of Hinamizawa, but before that here is a quick guide for you to learn more about the game system.

Based on 07th Expansion’s “Higurashi When They Cry” visual novel series, the RPG features a completely original story following Kazuho Kimiyoshi, a girl who revisits her homeland in Hinamizawa after losing her family in the mysterious volcanic poisonous gas incident 10 years ago. There she meets monsters that no one has ever seen and a girl who introduce herself as God…

*If you can’t play the game, try turning on the JP VPN

Reroll Steps

To celebrate the game launch, SSR【Sink in the Dark】Ryugu Rena will be presented to all players. But if you are aiming for more SSR cards, here are the most efficient steps to reroll and it only takes around 3 minutes each turn. SSR card has a 5% drop rate.

1. Download the Game
2. Skip Prologue
3. Download Data
4. Enter your user name
5. 10 free draws after the tutorial
6. Go to present box to receive gacha stones x 3,540
7. Draw 10 times at this pool “エンジェルモートPUガチャ” (only need 1,500 stones for the first 10 draws)
8. 5 more draws to use all the stones
9. Finish Reset Marathon if you get SSR card/ if not go back to the Title and Erase Account
10. Back to Step 4

■ How to Erase Account?
Go to Menu → Title → Erase Account

■ Only “エンジェルモートPUガチャ” gacha pool has a discounted 1,500 stones for the first 10 draws 

Team Building

■ 3 types of card

The cards are differentiated by 3 types: Morning (昼), Dawn (夕) and Night (夜). Using cards with the same type as the stages can bring up 25% of the card’s status.

■ Position & Turn

The cards also have different positions: Forward, Middle Guard and Rearguard. As the card that you put first will move/ accept damages first, you are advised to arrange the card according to their positions.

Battle System

■ Auto Battle

The game features an automatic battle system. Basically you can do nothing after turning on the Auto Skill button and 4 times Speedy Mode. Card Skill is unleashed when the skill gauge reaches its fullest.

■ Avoid Tragedy

During battles, enemy boss will enter the “Tragedy” form, you have to deal enough damages in a specific time or else the enemy unleash powerful attacks.

■ Battle Experience Stores in a Pool 

The experience that you obtain in battles will store in a pool, instead of adding directly to your characters. You have to go to the Nurture System to level up your characters.

■ Proceed the Main Quests 

The materials collected from the main quests can be used to increase your character’s Discipline levels. Main quests are also the most effective ways to collect gacha stones.

How to Train Your Card

■  Character Level

Increase your character level with the experience earned in battles (experience pool) or Tactical Memo (items you obtain during battles). The level of the card is limited to the level of the player rank. So if you want to strengthen your characters, you have increase your player rank first.


■ Discipline Level

Use the materials collected in the quests to increase the Discipline Level. You can unlock the card’s Active Skill and Passive Skill when you increase the Discipline Level.

■  Skill Level 

Enhancing skill level can deal greater damages to your enemies. The skill level is is limited to the character level.

■ Star/ Limit Break

You can also add stars / break limit to your character by collecting the characters’ sheds. As it is more difficult for high rarity characters, you can just ignore it at early stage.

■ Intimacy level

Giving present to your cards can increase the intimacy level, which can unlock card’s sub slot and special story (only for SSR card). Presents can be obtained in Shop.

Daily Quests

The Coin Quest and Experience Quest are only available for twice a day so you are highly suggested to challenge the quests everyday. Buying daily pass can challenge one more time.


You can accepts missions at Oni-ju no sha (鬼樹の社), but only 3 missions can be accepted daily. Clearing the mission can obtain Hanyu Coin (羽入コイン), which can be used to exchange items and character sheds in shop.

How to Set Your Favorite Characters at Home

Go to Menu → Profile → Change Home Card

Remember to set Supporter for your friends. If your friends use your card, you can obtain Coins as rewards.

Official Site

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