“Action Taimanin” 3D Action Game Goes Global in Early October! Pre-registration Opens Now!

LiLiTH’s 3D action RPG “Action Taimanin” is confirmed to launch worldwide for PC via Steam, iOS and Android devices in early October! The game will support multiple languages including English, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Korean. The global server also opens for pre-registration.

Gameplay Video


Tokyo. The demonic city, plagued with demons from the dark realms.
The ancient rule has prohibited the demons from interfering with humans.
But with the humanity’s dark descent, the pact is now history,
and the treacherous syndicates weave crime and chaos throughout the world.

In order to protect the nation, the Japanese government has established a special force consisting of ninjas who, with their might and skills, can fight against the demonic invasion.
The world will know them… as the Taimanins.

A new task force is established, composed of Taimanins, to fight against the international threats and terrorist attacks.
The task force’s first mission is to retrieve a bio-weapon stolen from the UFS base.

The mission takes a wild twist, as an unexpected alliance joins the team,
and an equally unexpected adversary reveals himself – a man who knows Igawa Asagi, the Almighty Taimanin…….


The game features Intense hack-and-slash action with simple taps and swipes. Players will be able to customize your combat style by choosing different characters, supporters and weapons.

More than 30 playable characters and supporters from the “Taimanin” franchise are available in the game. You can also unlock their exclusive and intimate stories.

The Private Room function allows you to pose and place 3-D models, as well as creating your own action screenshots. You can also collect fancy costumes and customize the girls into your favourite looks.

Pre-registration Rewards

Players can now pre-register the game via the official site. The pre-registration rewards are as follows:

Official Site

Official Facebook

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