How Would Your Re:Zero Story End? “Re:Zero Lost in Memories” Officially Launches Today!

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SEGA Games today (9th September) officially launchers the mobile game “Re:Zero Starting Life in Another World Lost in Memories” (Re:ゼロから始める異世界生活 Lost in Memories) for iOS and Android devices.



Players will play as the protagonist, Subaru Tsubaki, whose memories are erased by a mysterious man. In order to retrieve his lost memories, players have to find clues via proceeding the story and quests.

The main story has multiple routes, including the main route, the main route Alt. Ver. and the IF route. Your decision will decide which routes you enter. The “IF route” follows completely original contents, which includes the “Mimi Route.”

Players will be able to build a team of five with the signature “Re:Zero” characters and utilize their unique skills in the turn-based battles. Each character has three skills and players can build your team following the relationship of an element wheel.

A dynamic animation will be featured when the characters unleash their ultimate skills.

Players can also equip Memoria Crystals to your team members in order to enhance the stats of your characters.

Apart from the main story and quests, the game also includes Arena for you to challenge other players, as well as the Tower, where characters once used cannot be reused.

Game Launch Campaign

To celebrate the game launch and the pre-registration reaching 700,000, 10 major campaigns are held for players to obtain abundant rewards!

■ Pre-registration Rewards
All players can obtain ★3 Rem, ★3 character guarantee gacha ticket x 1, ★3 Memory Crystal and gacha ticket x 20.

■ Starter Dash Login Bonus
A 7-day login bonus gives away a total of 1,000 Magic Stones (Equivalent to 10 times gacha)!

■ Clear the Main Story
Clear the Main Story Chapter 13 to obtain a total of 1,000 Magic Stones!

■ Starter Dash Mission
A Starter Dash Mission will be available for players to obtain abundant items.

■ Free Gacha Draw Every Day
1 time free gacha draw to obtain characters/ Memoria Stones will be available every day.

■ Game Launch Packages
Different types of special packages for Magic Stones and gacha ticket are on sale.

■ Event Quest
The first event quest will be available soon. Details will be revealed on the official site later.

■ Emilia Kaomoj
A special Emilia kaomoji will be available when you hastag “#リゼロス”on Twitter.

■ Twitter Campaign
Players who follow the official twitter and retweet the specific post will have the opportunity to obtain the seiyuu’s signing boards.

■ Smartphone Wallpaper
A special smartphone wallpaper is now available for download here.

Official Site

Official Twitter

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