“World Witches United Front” Mobile Game Opens for Pre-registration

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Co-developed by Cave, Kadokawa and ForwardWorks, the “Strike Witches” mobile game “World Witches United Front” (ワールドウィッチーズ UNITED FRONT) now opens for pre-registration. The official site and promotional video have been revealed.



“World Witches United Front” is a “flying witches shooting battle” game where players will play as the commander of a new team in the 501st Joint Fighter Wing. You have to join forces with witches that are differentiated by their personalities and abilities, in order to protect the earth from the alien army, “Neuroi.”

Game System

The game collects all the characters from the “Strike Witches” multimedia franchise and features a completely original story.

Players are able to play solo in the 360 degree shooting battles, as well as forming teams with other players. Boss raid and real-time co-op mode are available.

You can also nurture characters and weapons according to your preference, and enhance bondings with the witches.

Pre-registration Rewards

The game now opens for pre-registration via LINE, Twitter and mail. All players will be able to obtain original Memories Cards illustrated by the franchise’s creator Fumikane Shimada when the pre-registration reaches 200,000.

Official Site

Official Twitter

ワールドウィッチーズ UNITED FRONT ワールドウィッチーズ UNITED FRONT ワールドウィッチーズ UNITED FRONT CAVE Interactive CO.,LTD. Release Date: Autumn 2020 Pre-register
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