[Qoo News] Maglam Lord Gameplay Revealed at TGS2020


During D3 Publisher’s TGS2020 live-stream today (26th Sept), the company gave a briefing on their upcoming action RPG title, Maglam Lord.


Fans of the Summon Night series will be thrilled to know that Maglam Lord is an original title that is being developed by Felistella, the studio behind Summon Night 5. The game features a world designed by Kei Miyakozuki(都月景) and characters designed and illustrated by lack who worked on Fate/Grand Order.


World Setting

The game revolves around Kilrizak, a demon lord known as the Demon Lord of Blades. After being chased by pursuers hoping to bring an end to Kilrizak’s reign of terror, the demon lord goes into hiding and falls into a long slumber. Upon waking up, Kilrizak’s did not return, and a mysterious woman informs the demon lord that they are classified as an endangered species!



In Maglam Lord, players will play as Kilrizark the Demon Lord of Blades. Players will be able to choose between playing a male or female protagonist. As the Demon Lord of Blades, players will be able to craft their own weapons to upgrade them using materials they obtain from the field and as request rewards to create stronger weapons. Certain requests will also reward players with cosmetic upgrades that allows players to visually personalize their weapons.




One the field, players will be able to collect materials and hunt monsters. During combat, players will be able to change the weapons they wield to gain advantages depending on the enemies they’re facing. During combat, as players deal damage, a special DG will accumulate. Once full, players will be able to temporarily fight as the demon lord.





During their time on the field, players will also be able to talk to their companions.


As players progress in the story, they will be able to select how they want to respond during conversations. At times, different options will affect their relationship with certain characters.


Maglam Lord is due out Winter 2020 for PS4 and Nintendo Switch.


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