“JACKJEANNE” Release Date Delayed Again to March 18

Mr. Qoo

Broccoli announces that the release date of the otome game “JACKJEANNE” (ジャックジャンヌ) is delayed to 18th March 2021. The game was originally set to release for the Nintendo Switch on 5th August 2020 in Japan, but delayed to 3rd December before this announcement.

Broccoli explained that the decision was made to improve the game’s quality and balance so that players can fully enjoy the project’s worldview and scenarios.


The game follows Tachibana Kisa, a girl attending prestigious male-only academy “Universe Drama School” where the students play both male and female parts, referred to as “Jacks” and “Jeannes” respectively. There, she must conceal her secret while fighting her way to the top – in other words, the lead role in the last play of the year.

“Tokyo Ghoul” author Sui Ishida is credited with the original work and character designs. He also created on the world design, in-game illustrations, and inserted song lyrics for the game. “Tokyo Ghoul” light novel series writer Shin Towad worked on the game’s scenario alongside Ishida. The project also reveals plans for an anime adaptation, CD and mobile game.

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