“SINoALICE” x “Rozen Maiden” Collaboration Announces for October 27

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The Japanese server of Pokelabo and Square Enix’s smartphone RPG “SINoALICE” announces a collaboration with TV anime “Rozen Maiden” (ローゼンメイデン) starting from 27th October. A special page has been opened for the collaboration.

The collaboration will feature signature characters and songs from “Rozen Maiden” and special scenarios. Details of the collaboration will be revealed later.

Collaboration PV

Login Bonus

Players will be able to obtain Shinku/ Sorcerer (真紅/ソーサラー) by logging in the game during the collaboration period.

Special Live Stream

A special live stream “SINoALICE ~ Rie Tanaka special appearance! Just before Rosen Maiden collaboration SP ~” (生SINoALICE~田中理恵さん特別出演!ローゼンメイデンコラボ直前SP~) will broadcast on 26th October at 21:00 [JPT]. Voice actress Rie Tanaka, Eri Kitamura and Kaede Hondo will be joining the programme.

Special Site

Official Site

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