“Hero Ball Z” x “Tengai” & “Gunbird” Collaboration Runs Until November 18

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Joycity’s mobile RPG game “Hero Ball Z” has started a collaboration event with the classic shooting games “Tengai” and “Gunbird” until 18th November.

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Collaboration Event

The collaboration will feature the signature characters from “Tengai” and “Gunbird”, as well as bringing various new events. New contents “Event Battle Regions” and ‘Skill’ items are added after update.

The newly added collaboration characters will share the same attack projectiles from the original games. The “Tengai” heroes are now available, while the “Gunbird” heroes will be available starting from 28th October. Players will be able to obtain the collaboration characters after completing different missions or combining Experts during the event period.

New Contents

Heroes can now equip “Skill” items, which are obtained by clearing the stages in “Event Battle”. The “Skill” items provide a special ability for the heroes that activates at a certain chance during combat.

Boss monsters will appear in “Event Battle Region” consecutively. Defeating as many bosses as possible during the given time period will reward the players with items that can be used for “Skill” crafting and upgrades.

A new mentor-mentee system has also been added to the game. A hero set as mentee will take a certain number of Combat Power from his or her mentor hero. The amount of Combat Power taken is relative to the tier of the mentee.

In addition to the above contents, a quality of life feature called ‘Hero Deck Preset’ has been added. This feature allows players to save their hero and item sets to conveniently swap heroes and their equipment on the fly.

100-day Celebration

To celebrate the game’s 100th day, players can receive SSR Heroes, Experts, rubies, and other various rewards via the 14-day attendance event.

If you participate in the 100th Day Special Festival, you can also obtain 100th Day Special Boxes with upgrade items (gold, evolve stones) and missions that provide bonus rewards for the 100th Day Special Boxes.

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