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Hinatazaka46 Romance Simulation RPG “Hinakoi” Coming in November 2020! Pre-registration Opens Now!

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10ANTZ announces a new Hinatazaka46 romance simulation RPG “Hinakoi”(ひなこい) for iOS and Android devices in November 2020. Pre-registration of the game also opens now.

OP Movie

■ OP short ver. (30s)

■ OP short ver. (15s)


2-hour walk distance from Tokyo.
You transfer to Hinatazaka High School.

The little chats at the bus station.
The slope that ran up by bicycle.
The taste of ramune on the way home from club activities.

“I like you! I love You!!!”

Under the sweaty sunshine, you and I stand on the sidewalk.
I chase my dreams and fall in love with you with all my strength ──

This is the love story between you and Hinatazaka46.

Pre-registration Rewards

Players can now pre-register the game via Email/ following the Official Twitter / adding LINE friends. Click here for details. The pre-registration rewards are as follows:

10,000: Hinata Stone x 300 (for 1 time gacha)
30,000: Hinata Stone x 900 (for 3 times gacha)
50,000: Hinata Stone x 1,500 (for 5 times gacha)
100,000: Original Goods for 20 players selected by lottery
200,000: Hinata Stone x 3,000 (for 10 times gacha)

Official Site

Official Twitter

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