“Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory” Special AR Movie Revealed for Game Launch!

Mr. Qoo PS4 Switch

Square Enix today (11th November) officially launches the rhythm game “Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory” for Playstation 4, Switch, Xbox One in Japan. It will also launch worldwide on 13th November.

To celebrate the game launch, a special AR movie experience “KINGDOM HEARTS MAGICAL AR STAGE” now available on the special site. A special movie will be available when you turn on the AR camera and use it on the specific music sheet. Click here for details.

■ Demonstration Movie


■ Japanese

■ English


“Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory” is the first rhythm action game of the “Kingdom Hearts” franchise. It will still continue the story of the series, specifically Kairi’s story from “Kingdom Hearts 3.”

The game will take players to revisit several worlds from the previous entries in the series, such as Agrabah, Atlantica, and Wonderland. It features over 140 songs from across the “Kingdom Hearts” franchise, which also includes songs from the Disney films featured in the series. Over 20 characters will be playable in the game.

The game also features different game modes, such asMemory Dive, which lets players replay previous stages, Boss Battle, which pits them against a series of bosses, and a music and cinematic player to rewatch cutscenes from the series.

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