“Sangoku Taisen Smash!” x “Shaman King” Collaboration Starts on November 17

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Ateam’s smartphone game “Sangoku Taisen Smash!” (三国大戦スマッシュ!) today (17th November) starts the collaboration with the new “Shaman King” TV anime that is scheduled to premiere in April 2021. The collaboration event will run until 3rd December.

Login Bonus

Players who login during the collaboration period can obtain ★5 Anna Kyoyama as rewards.

Collaboration Quests

Lucky Strike, Hao and Opacho will appear as boss in the collaboration quests. Clear the quests and collect event points in exchange for limited equipment and rewards!

You can obtain ★5 Tao Jun by collecting the event points and ★5 Iron Maiden Jeanne by topping the event ranking.

Collaboration Gacha
■ ★5 Yoh Asakura

■ ★5 Tao Ren

■ ★5 Lyserg Diethel

The collaboration characters will feature a dynamic ultimate skills based the original manga.

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