HoneyWorks First Rhythm Game "HoneyWorks Premium Live” Officially Launches!

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HoneyWorks’ first rhythm mobile game “HoneyWorks Premium Live” today (18th November) officially launches for iOS and Android devices. The game is a project to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the VOCALOID creator unit.



“HoneyWorks Premium Live” is a rhythm game packed with full-color music videos, limited stories, and scene cards drawn by the original author.

Player will play as the producer of a live house operated by Kumamaru and Panmy, with an aim to raise the number of viewers and fans through hosting different live performances (rhythm game part).

The rhythm part will feature a total of 26 playable songs of the HoneyWorks franchise with the official MV. More songs will be added every month.

Players can also build your deck with different HoneyWorks characters and nurture them to obtain high scores in live performances. The scene card will have different skills and abilities.

Talk Live is a mode in which Kumamaru (CV. Tomokazu Sugita) and Panmy (CV. Yui Horie) introduce the inside story of each song with their voices. The MV library mode also allows players to learn the background of each song.

Collect the Precious Ticket to unlock the precious story, which you can enjoy episodes as if you were in a manga app.

In this mode, where about 30 episodes are added every month, the content focuses on the relationships between characters, such as Natsuki Enomoto and Yu Setoguchi as they meet in the morning after “Confession Rehearsal”.


To celebrate the game’s pre-registration reaching 700,000, all players will be able to obtain Natsuki & Yu Scene Card and Diamonds for 5 times gacha.

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