“IDOLiSH7” Anime Confirms 3rd Season

Mr. Qoo

The TV anime adaptation of Bandai Namco’s rhythm game “IDOLiSH7” (アイドリッシュセブン) confirms the production of a third season after the airing of the final episode of its second season on 27th December.

The 3rd season is again animated by TROYCA. Details will be announced later on the official Site and Twitter. A special illustration is posted on the official Twitter of mangaka Arina Tanemura, who is the original character designer of the game.

In celebration of the anime’s 3rd season, the “IDOLiSH7” mobile game is having a special login campaign where players will be able to obtain Star Stone x 17 and select a SSR card after reading Main Story Part 3.

Official Site

Official Twitter

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