“One Piece Everyday” Official App Launches to Celebrate 1,000 Chapters of the Manga

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Co-developed by KAYAC and Toei Animation, the official “One Piece” app “One Piece Everyday” (まいにちONE PIECE) is now available for iOS and Android devices. The app is a project celebrating the 1,000th chapter of the manga.

“One Piece Everyday” is an official app full of “One Piece” contents that intends to make your everyday fun. The app includes “One Piece” news, event calendars, weather and pedometers. Complete missions for the Bingo card and collect Beli (the currency of “One Piece”) to get keys and dress-up items for the characters.


■ Home Screen Changes Everyday
Various “One Piece”characters welcome you at the Home screen. The background also changes according to the weather.

■ Special “One Piece” Calendar
Check out “One Piece” related products and event information every day! You can browse the latest news of “One Piece” and check out the character profiles as they celebrate their birthday on that day! Log in every day to get stamps. You will get a special image by logging in 20 days or more every month!

■ Weather Forecast by Nami
Nami will be your weather reporter and tell you the weather information all over Japan! The function also features Nami’s voice, which changes depending on the weather and time of day, and Nami’s clothes will change every month.

■ Walk with Chopper
Let’s walk with the chopper! Get items depending on the number of steps you actually walked and the place you visited! In addition, you can get rewards by completing bingo and quiz, and even change Chopper’s clothes!

■ Your “One Piece” Collection
The app features 664 original “One Piece”stamps which you can only get in the app! When you log in to the app, you can get an image of the original illustration that changes every month!

“One Piece 1000 LOGS” Character Poll Campaign

To celebrate the 1000th serialized chapter of “One Piece,” a global popularity poll is held to determine the most popular “One Piece” character from 1000 hand-picked characters from the series. A new movie is also revealed for the project! The poll will stay up until 28 February.

■ Special Movie

■ Teaser PV

Vote everyday and get a random AR model of “One Piece” character for your own unique One Piece photo! Vote here!

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