“Himegami Kagura” Mobile RPG Now Available for Download!

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Gomashio’s smartphone RPG “Himegami Kagura” (ひめがみ神楽) is now available for download for iOS and Android devices. The game will open service on 14th February at 14:00 [JPT].

The game was originally set to release on 13th January but has been delayed due to an unexpected long review for the iOS version. 10 gacha tickets will be presented to all players as compensation.


Game System

“Himegami Kagura” is a sequel and adapts the worldview of the mobile game “Himegami Emaki” (ひめがみ絵巻), which ended service on 6th June 2018. “Himegami Kagura” tells a new story of the “Himegami,” gods that are inspired by the ancient myth. Players will join forces with the gods to restore orders of Shinra Bansho.

In battles, you will have to build your team with 5 Himegami (4 player slots + 1 friend slot). “Attributes” are set for all characters and enemies, so you will have to adjust your party accordingly.

The battles are semi-auto and players will have to unleash Himegami’s skills at the right time in order to win in battles. Filling the SP gauge can unleash the ultimate skills of the characters.

A battle system “Chaotic Interference” (混沌干渉) is also available. When it is activated, the battle time is completely stopped. This means that you can freely move your characters on the battlefield to avoid the enemies’ attack.

Pre-registration Rewards

The game celebrates its pre-registration reaching 150,000 and all players can obtain 30 times gacha and Earth God as rewards in addition to the compensating 10 gacha tickets.

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