“B-PROJECT Ryūsei*Fantasia” Coming to Switch & Mobile in 2021

During the “LOVE & ART FAMILY MTG Fan Thanksgiving 21” event on 16th January, MAGES. announced that the first “B-PROJECT” Switch game “B-PROJECT Ryūsei*Fantasia” (B-PROJECT 流星*ファンタジア) will launch in 2021. It will also be available for iOS and Android devices. A new visual was also revealed for the announcement.


“B-PROJECT Ryūsei*Fantasia” is the first adventure console game of “B-PROJECT”, and has included the five-year history of the franchise. The game features a scenario that focuses on the lives of the 14 idols with full voices and new songs.


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B-Project: Ryuusei Fantasia B-Project: Ryuusei Fantasia B-Project: Ryuusei Fantasia 株式会社MAGES.
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