[Qoo News] Join Forces with the Beautiful Lily! “Assault Lily Last Bullet” Bishojo RPG Opens Service!


Bushiroad, POKELABO, TBS Television and SHAFT co-developed RPG “Assault Lily Last Bullet” (アサルトリリィ Last Bullet)  today (20th January) officially launches for iOS and Android. This is the mobile game of Azone International and Acus’s multimedia franchise “Assault Lily”.




Game System

In “Assault Lily Last Bullet,” players have to command the “Lily,” girls who have the superpower to wield the weapon “CHARM,” to battle against the mysterious creatures, “Huge”.


It features a fully-voiced story portraying the bonds between the “Lily” based on the TV anime series that premiered in October 2020. Individual stories centering the girls before they enter the Military Academy are also available.


An auto mode is available in battles. The girls are differentiated by attack or support abilities.A co-op system is also available for players to join hands to challenge powerful bosses. Just as the original setting, it is possible to form a legion with other players and play while communicating with each other.



By strengthening “CHARM” and “Memoria Card”, you can bring different advantages to your Lily.


Pre-registration & Game Launch Rewards

The game celebrates its pre-registration reaching 500,000 and all players can obtain character Riri Hitotsuyanagi in her uniform and a special Memoria Card as rewards.



To celebrate the game launch, all players can receive 11 times gacha draws everyday with a maximum of 110 gacha draws! This campaign runs from 20th ~ 29th January 2021.


Official Site

Official Twitter

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