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“Rakugaki Kingdom” Beginner’s Guide: How to Draw & Train Your RPG Monster?

Taito’s new mobile game “Rakugaki Kingdom” (ラクガキ キングダム) officially launches today on 28th January! This work is a title that inherits the DNA of “Magic Pengel: The Quest for Color,” which was released on PlayStation 2 in 2002, and is the first mobile RPG that allows you to draw your own characters to battle.

The Rakugaki (scribble) System enables the picture you draw to transform into three-dimensional and begins to move. The general flow of this game is to nurture the life that you draw and to advance the main story while battling with other monsters.

Manipulate the Monster that You Created & Win in Battles

The game is set in an isekai named “Canvas”, where everything is created through painting. Those who are regularly invited from the real world to join the creation is known as the Crocker.

The protagonist is also one of the chosen one who have the ability to create and manipulate the scribbles. The mysterious creatures that crockers created will start their lives in Palette Town with the aim of winning the “Rakugaki Cup” as they fight against each other.

▼ Easel is the guide that welcomes you to the Canvas. Her identity and secrets will gradually be unveiled in the Main story.

Easy and Multifunctional Rakugaki System

There are two modes available for you to create your monster. The “Sophisticated Scribble” (こだわりラクガキ) allows you to drawn from scratch If you want to make things faster, try on the “Quick Scribble” (さくっとラクガキ) mode that allows you to modify the body or parts on an existing monster.

Here is a tip for those who want to create your monster all from zero. The basic procedure for creating a decent monster is to create the body first, then determine the number of parts, combine them, and decide whether it is a body, head, limbs or tail. The “Graphic” option provides some simple shapes, like circle and square, so you don’t have to worry much.

▼ You can also add different attachments on your monster, such as a cannon, wings or wheels.

The “Editing” option allows you to delete or move your parts to the right direction. So instead of drawing everything perfectly, you can just adjust each part later on.

After completing your work, don’t forget to select how it moves and sounds like in the “Motion” & “Voice” option.

Your masterpiece can be uploaded to the “Rakugaki Garage,” and on the contrary you can download other people’s work from the Garage. It also provides the Rakugaki of Taito’s popular character by drawing the “Rakugaki Gacha”.

How to Train Your Monster?

Join the training scenario after you create the character. The training will determine the status and strength of your monsters. Here, you can also choose between Right: “Sophisticated Training” (こだわり育成) or Left: “Quick Training” (さくっと育成).

In “Sophisticated Training,” you will have to select training commands while reading short story. While in “Quick Training,” you can omit all episodes and obtain only the training results.

▼ The crocker that you select will also determine the training contents, and which type (power/ defence) your monster will grow into.

The process for “Sophisticated Training” is actually quite long. Players who want to train your monster but don’t have time can turn on the Digest function, which provides a summary for the story.

The training have 4 sessions and session has 9 parts. Stamina is requited in each training, so remember to take a break. The lower your stamina, the higher chances will your monster fail in trainings.

 ▼ Different episodes will appear during training, the option you select in the episode will also affect the results.

You will have to choose 3 cards from your “Trester” deck each turn and earn experience points in 4 categories (power/ speed/ technique/ mind). Follow the card color suggestion on top in order to get bonus experience points during the Special Training Session!

After the training, you can distribute your points to enhance your HP, attack, defense, speed or skill level. It is also possible to automatically distribute the experience points.

Tresters Are the Key to Training!

The “Trester” deck has a great influence on nurturing your monster. Specifically speaking, the “Trester” will decide the types of skills that your monster acquires. The stronger of your “Trester,” the more experience points you can get during the Special Training.

“Trester” is mainly obtained in gacha. Build a deck based on the balance of cards, the skills of the Trester, etc. Give priority to raise the level of 6 Trester to build your deck first.

You can update the stats of your monster by joining the second training. Don’t forget to show off the abilities of your monster by joining the battles!

Editor’s Note

The idea of drawing your own characters is really amazing. When you see your work completed and actually move in 3D graphics, it is like witnessing the growth of your own child!

If you start drawing without knowing anything about the system, it would have taken a long time and I hope this guide provides a little help. There are so many features and functions that you can experiment on, so I suggest you spend more time on the Rakugaki System.

You can also get 10 times free gacha draws after the tutorial and reroll is possible! To celebrate the game launch,  10 gacha tickets will be presented to all players everyday with a maximum of 100 gacha tickets! So it is the perfect time to build your “Trester” deck!

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