“Yotsume God: Reunion” Mobile Remake Launches Today!

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SEEC today (16th February) launches the escape ADV game “Yotsume God: Reunion” (四ツ目神 -再会-) for iOS and Android devices.

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“Yotsume God: Reunion” is a remake of escape game “Yotsume God” (四ツ目神), which launched for smartphones in 2016. It is SEEC’s first escape game featuring full-voiced dialogues.

Players can enjoy chapter 1 to 7 of the main story for free. The following chapters and ending requires in-app purchase (JPY$980). It also includes extra stories and newly-drawn illustrations. In addition, some of the stills are “moving illustrations”, which gives a sense of realism.

The story and illustration will be presented horizontally, instead of vertically as the 2016 “Yotsume God” game. The puzzle-solving system is also improved.

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