“Idol Land PriPara” Mobile App Delayed to Summer 2021

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Takara Tommy Arts announces that “Idol Land PriPara” (アイドルランドプリパラ) mobile app is postponed to summer 2021 in order to provide better quality contents to players. The app was originally announced for a spring release.

The app also comes with a new web anime series under the same name. The anime’s third teaser visual has been revealed.


“Idol Land PriPara” is a mobile app based on the idol-themed franchise “PriPara”. Players can enjoy the idol life by creating their own idols at the theme park “PriPara,” where anyone can become an idol. The app aims to provide a “fun space for players to gather” by strengthening the social communication functions of smartphones.

The app also celebrates its pre-registration reaching 50,000 and all players can obtain idol coins and special stage costumes as rewards. An additional goal is added to the campaign. Players can obtain “Marionette Mu Welcome Psyllium Corde” when the pre-registration reaches 100,000.

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アイドルランドプリパラ Idol Land PriPara アイドルランドプリパラ Takara Tomy Arts Release Date: 2021年春 Pre-register
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