[Qoo News] World Trigger Anime Confirms 3rd Season This October at AnimeJapan 2021


The TV anime World Trigger (ワールドトリガー) confirms a third season for October 2021 during a special stage at AnimeJapan 2021 on March 28.


The anime staff also reveals several screenshots for the 3rd season highlighting the B-Rank Rank Battles. Stay tuned for further information for the anime!





In Mikado City, a “gate” to a different world suddenly opens one day. Monsters called “Neighbors” start appearing from the gate. Humans are overwhelmed at first when their weapons are found to be useless against Neighbors, until a mysterious organization appears that is able to repel the Neighbors’ attacks. The organization is called the National Defense Agency, or “Border”, and has appropriated the Neighbor technology called “Triggers”, which allows the user to channel an internal energy called Trion and use it as a weapon or for other purposes. By activating a trigger, the body of users is replaced by a battle-body made of Trion which is stronger and more resistant.

Four years later, people in Mikado City have grown used to the occasional battles with the Neighbors, and have returned more or less to their everyday lives. Border has become popular. One day, a mysterious white-haired student named Yūma Kuga transfers to the local school. Kuga is actually a strong humanoid Neighbor, a fact that he wants to hide from Border. In the school he meets another student, Osamu Mikumo, who is secretly a C-class Border trainee. Since Kuga is completely oblivious about life in Mikado City, it falls to Mikumo to guide him through it, and to prevent him from being discovered by Border.


■ Yuma Kuga – CV: Tomo Muranaka
■ Osamu Mikumo – CV: Yuuki Kaji
■ Chika Amatori – CV: Nao Tamura
■ Yuichi Jin  – CV: Yuichi Nakamura
■ Hyuse – CV: Nobunaga Shimazaki

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