"DEEMO THE MOVIE" Title & New Cast Revealed in AnimeJapan 2021

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Today (28th March), during pony canyon’s DEEMO THE MOVIE Special Stage, a new PV was unveiled revealing more cast members as well as the movie’s final title as “DEEMO サクラノオト -あなたの奏でた音が、今も響く-” (Deemo: Sakura no Oto – Anata no Kanadeta Oto ga, Ima mo Hibiku).

It was already announced that Ayana Taketatsu will be part of the cast for the movie, playing Alice. In the new trailer, Hinatazaka46 member Akari Nibu was revealed to play the role of the Masked Lady.

The movie is produced by sister studios Signal.MD and Production I.G with Junichi Fujisaku (藤咲 淳一) being credited as the executive director. Shuhei Matsushita (松下 周平) is directing the movie with Yoshihiro Hiramine (平峯 義大) as assistant director. The movie’s theme song is composed by Yuki Kajiura who composed for Demon Slayer the series and the movie as well as Fate/stay night: Heaven’s Feel (1, 2, and 3). The theme song will be performed by Hinano Takashima (高島 一菜) a 14-year-old third-year middle school student who was the grand winner of the ‘DEEMO THE MOVIE – UTAHIME AUDITION FINAL”.



DEEMO is a rhythm game released for mobile in 2013 by Taiwan’s Rayark Games. The story a young girl named Alice who enters a strange world from its sky. In order to return to her world, she must use her piano skills to encourage a large tree to grow and bring her back from where she came from. A mysterious character named Deemo helps her return home, but they are obstructed by a character named the Masked Lady.

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