"WIXOSS LAND -W.I.S.H in-" Officially Released for Mobile!

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On 26th March, WIXOSS’s mobile TCG adaptation “WIXOSS LAND -W.I.S.H in- was officially released. Players will be able to receive all the pre-registration regards by entering the game before 26th April 2021.

In celebration of the game’s launch, a series of Launch Events have been released in the game rewarding players will all sorts of in-game items and currencies including the Land Money (ランドマネー) item.


“WIXOSS LAND -W.I.S.H.in-” is a trading card game, which adapts the story of the franchise’s latest TV anime series “WIXOSS DIVA(A)LIVE.”

The game follows the rules of “WIXOSS,” in which players battle against each other with fighters known as LRIGs (ルリグ), using cards to support them. Players will be able to interact with the signature characters from the series and discover the secrets hidden in WIXOSS LAND.

The game follows the original game system of the “WIXOSS” card game, where players can decide the card each turn, use magic cards, and discard cards at the beginning of each turn. However, the attack phase will be automated and simplified  in order to reduce the overall battling time. The game also retains the fun of TCG card collection and library building, and adds the nurturing system similar to other RPGs, giving players the opportunity to collect and strengthen characters (also known as clones, LRIG, and ルリグ), using a variety of strategies and tactics.


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WIXOSSLAND -W.I.S.H. in- WIXOSSLAND -W.I.S.H. in- WIXOSSLAND -W.I.S.H. in- MEMOTYPE corporation 1.8 More
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