“Laid-Back Camp - Virtual - Fumoto Campsite” VR Game Launches Today

Gemdrops’ virtual camping adventure game “Laid-Back Camp – Virtual – Fumoto Campsite” officially launches today on PlayStation 4, Switch, PC via Steam, iOS, and Android for US$20.85.



This is the second game of the “Laid-Back Camp – Virtual -” game series and the first game “Laid-Back Camp – Virtual – Lake Motosu” was released on March 4.

The VR games allow players to experience a relaxing camping life in Lake Motosu and Fumoto Campsite with the characters of the “Laid-Back Camp” TV anime series with fully-voiced audio.

In the “Lake Motosu” edition, you play as Nadeshiko and will go camping with Rin, while you play as Rin and go camping with Nadeshiko in the “Fumoto Campsite” edition.

The game is designed for use with virtual reality headset equipment, but can also be played without it. It supports Japanese audio, and Japanese, English, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Korean, and French text.

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