CODE: SEED - Seihi no Uta Tier List: Who is the Strongest Character?

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The global server of “CODE: SEED – Seihi no Uta” 3D anime mobile game is officially available on QooApp Game Store! The game has a versatile of characters, so there’s no shortage of candidates for your dream team. This CODE: SEED tier list is your best guide to review all the 5-star Seed Fire Soldiers and how they compare to one another.

In general, being on the highest tiers means that the character is the best in their role, is not too difficult to build teams, and performs well regardless of teammates. Being on a lower tier means that there are better alternatives, or the character needs a very specific build or team to shine.

So if you want the best team possible, this CODE: SEED tier list should help. Some of the characters in this list are not available yet in the global server, but will be updated in the near future. So this list should also help you which characters to aim for.


Tier  Character

S Tier

Character  Performance/Evaluation


■ High support ability

  • e.g. dispel the enemy’s buff, give same buff to ally, recover HP for all allies

■ Excessive recovery increases allies’ attack instead, so it will not be wasted.

■ Valuable character who can heal, ↑ attack & give buffs at the same time

■ Her existence brings great benefits to the team and is worth prioritising

■ Simply powerful, firepower ↑ each time she attacks

■ Skill 2 deals 156% damage to all enemies

■ Skill 3 triples the damage dealt on one target

■ High annihilation power

  • If you are building a high firepower team, she is definitely the best option

■ ↑ allies’ damage / recovery amount for 20% (40% for herself)

■ Skill 3 marks an enemy and deals additional damage 100% to Hector’s attack power

■ Constantly deals damage to marked enemies and is especially useful in boss battles

■ Powerful attacker & goes well with other healers

■ With her, the attack power of your party is totally different


■ Skill 2 recovers unit with lowest HP

■ Skill 3 gains 5 tiers of “Imperial Light”

  • each tier ↑ damage/ resistance/ recovery amount of all allies by 7%

■ “Imperial Light” can get up to 15 levels

  • greatly strengthen the whole units and bring out their full potentials

■ Tiers decrease depending on the damage you take, so it is recommended to get 15 tiers as soon as possible

A Tier

Character Performance/Evaluation

■ Skill 2 deals great damage 300% to her attack power. 

  • BUT it is one-time only and can’t be used unless you use Skill 3 first

■ Skill 3 deals sure hit & critical attack

■ Damage ↑ by the difference between her hit & critical rate and target’s avoidance & resistance.

  • The larger the difference, the higher the damage

■ Top class attacker, but cannot raise the attack power of your allies


 ■ Useful support character

 ■ Skill 2  50% damage of ally with the highest attack power

 ■ Skill 3 deals 50% damage to the total attack power of party and all enemies

  • 50% chance to dazzle enemies / 20% chance to dazzle boss

■ Firepower depends on the no. of enemies, stably buffing allies and debuffing enemies

■ Goes well with★4 Jeanne d’Arc / Cleopatra, who can avoid allies.


■ Gets 10 tiers of “Enhancement”

■  Skill 1 consume 1 level “Enhancement” & deals 200% damage

■  Skill 3 deal damage & restore 25% health of all units

  • + consume all “Enhancement” & ↑ 20% skill coefficient for each layer consumed

■ A rare attacker that can heal all units

■ High firepower on her own

  • BUT not as violent as Einstein & can’t increase unit’s attack power like Hector

■ Boasts performance of single attack.

■ Skills can ignore enemies’ defence/ resistance/ shield, which deal damage stably

■ Skill 3 deals powerful single attack + if the target dies, randomly attack other enemies with additional damage

  • BUT if the enemies survives, [Weak] effect will return to herself, and the amount of damage taken ↑100%.

■ Useful for weak enemies

  • BUT difficult to use in boss battles with enemies can’t be defeated with a single blow.

B Tier

Character Performance/ Evaluation

■ Skill 2 [Protection] ↑ resistance & ↓ avoidance for 2 turns + provoke and attract enemies’ attack

■ Skill 1 doubles damage dealt when the target’s defence power is less than him

■ Skill 3 gives damage of 90% of the total attack power of his and the enemy + 10 levels of confusion

■ He boasts firepower even if the attack power of your team is low.

■ A shield character with excellent attack and defense skills

  • BUT his firepower is not as good as the S/ A tier characters


■ Shield Role

■ Deploy shield on herself and allies + attract & absorb attack

■  BUT upper limit of damage absorption is not high enough, less useful in high difficulty contents

 Jiang Shang

■ ↑ single attack + restraint / overall attack + damage

■ Low firepower so she can’t be the main attacker. But she is still helpful to raise team’s attack

■ 25% chance to extend the effect of overall attack ↑ for 1 turn.

  • It turns 100% when you collect 5 “concentration”(which you get 1 when using skills)

■ Useful in long-term battles. BUT true value is not shown in short-term battles

  Zhuge Liang

■ High attack power

■ With Skill 1, if the same target is hit continuously, damage ↑

■ Skill 2 penetrates shield + if the target dies, [Pursuit] will unleash and attack other enemies

■ Skill 3 deals 550% total damage to all enemies

  • BUT [Lock] is given to all allies after skill 3 and their action is invalidated.

■ Be careful using Skill 3, Use Skill 1/ 2 only

C Tier

Character  Performance/ Evaluation

■ Stable firepower, Skill 1 & 2 ignore shields & deal attack + gain “Overload”

■ Skill 3 consumes “Overlord” to attack entire enemies + 50% skill factor for each “Overload”

■ Can obtain a maximum of 12 “Overlord”, so the maximum firepower is amazing.

■ Need time to reach her maximum firepower.

■  The versatility is lower than other attackers, but she still has top class firepower

Imagawa Yoshimoto

■ Skill 2 taunt + reduce target’s 50% attack power for 2 turn

■ High survival rate. If the taunted target dies, she will block critical damage & recover health

■ Skill 3 attack all enemies + gain shield for herself

■ The above skills makes her useful as a Shield

  • BUT Galahad / Cid have better performance in this role
Zhou Yu

■ Skill 2 attack + inflict heat on the target

■ Skill 3  gets 2 waves of attack

First Attack: Attack 5 times in a row, each attack deals damage to 1 random enemy

Second Attack: Attack all opponents, inflicting 30% of damage

  • For each hit in the first attack, the target receives 50% more damage from the second attack.

■ Needs time to deal damage, damage depends on the hit percentage

■ Her skills are much more complicated to use than other attackers

Fei Hung Wong

■ High attack power + specializes in single attacks

■ Skill 2 deals 133% damage to single enemy +  damage ↑100%  when attacking same enemy in a row

■ Skill 3 deals 150% damage to targeted enemy + pursuit effect up to 2 times when the enemy survives

■ Though there are better single attackers, she has a  passive skill  to ↑ 30% increase of critical damage

■ BUT lower versatility than other attackers, prioritize high tier characters first


■ Attacker, easy to use

■  Skill 2 ↑ units’ critical strike by 400 points for 2 turn

  • After being attacked, the target gains 3 tiers of chaos.

■  Skill 3 attack all enemies, If the target dies, attack again

■ Damage is equally divided to all enemies which makes the target difficult to die

■ Similar but not as powerful as Achilles, useful for weak enemies but not in boss battles

D Tier

Character   Performance/ Evaluation

■ Specializes in defense

■  Get “defense” when using the skills, and defense↑ per stage

■ High survival rate, obtain “Dragon’s Blood” to revive once with 8% HP

■ BUT firepower is too low

Tokugawa Ieyasu

■ Gets different skills under normal/ mask state

■ Attack power largely increase in mask state

■ BUT need time & effort to enter mask state or she is not useful

■ Why don’t go with Newton and Einstein, with high firepower & less trouble?


■ Heal single/ all units

■ Support character,  ↑ general attack + Drug intoxication state

■ Units under drug intoxication loses 15% of its life after damage

■ Goes well with  high firepower attacker, BUT brings continuous damage to the party

■ hard to play an active part by himself, not a character that you aim for with the highest priority


Newton, who can heal and enhance units attack power, is recommended to be acquired with the highest priority. Other easy-to-use attackers such as Einstein and Hector also makes your journey in CODE: SEED faster and smoother. But one should note that all of the 5 star characters in the game has way better performance than the 4 star characters. So if you get one 5 star, don’t hesitate to nurture the character.  

The game is not really favourable for reroll as the date won’t be erased even if you delete the game. You can either reroll by switching servers or with two devices (login as guest if you decide to do so), but the chances are limited and it doesn’t guarantee you get a 5 star. Luckily you can choose between Newton and Einstein when you login the game for 7 days, which makes everything easier.

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