“Kingdom Dash!!” Mobile Game Officially Launches Today

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Avex Technologies and Churapps’ “Kingdom” new smartphone game “Kingdom Dash!!” (キングダムDASH!! ) officially launches for iOS and Android today on April 20.



“Kingdom Dash!!” features the SD characters of the TV anime “Kingdom”. It is an instinct-type game that anyone can play easily without using tactics and strategies. The ikki tousen (a match for a thousand) game system aims to provides exhilarating experiences to gamers.

Game Launch Campaign

Players can obtain Rainbow Crystal x 1.500 (equivalent to 10x gacha) and character ★ 3 Ou Ki in the login bonus campaign, which runs until May 20. An additional 1,500 Rainbow Crystals is given away to all players to celebrate the game launch.

Pick-up gacha will feature ★3 Kan Ki and Go Hou Mei.

Official Site

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