[Qoo News] “Shironeko Project” x “Bleach” Collaboration Starts on April 28


Colopl’s “Shironeko Project” (白猫プロジェクト) mobile game has started the collaboration event with TV anime “Bleach” from April 28 to May 14.


Collaboration PV

Collaboration Quests

The event includes a special collaboration story, where Ichigo Kurosaki wanders into the world of the Shironeko Project for some reason and is looking for a way to return home.

A limited-time quest will also appear. If you clear the quest, you can get items such as “Stuffed Runes” that can be exchanged for collaboration weapons. In addition, every time the number of quests cleared by all users reaches a certain number, in-game items such as “EX Runes” will be presented.


Collaboration Characters

The 3D “Bleach” characters will also appear in the collaboration gacha, and players can get 1 free draw everyday during the collaboration period.
■ Ichigo Kurosaki – CV: Masakazu Morita

■ Rukia Kuchiki – CV: Fumiko Orikasa

■ Orihime Inoue – CV: Yuki Matsuoka

■ Tōshirō Hitsugaya – CV: Romi Park

■ Byakuya Kuchiki – CV: Ryōtarō Okiayu


Special Programme

The official Youtube channel starts streaming a special talk programme featuring Japanese comedian Yūki Iwai from Haraichi, Masakazu Morita (voice actor of Ichigo Kurosaki), and voice actress Saaya Nakamura. Interested players can check it out!

Collaboration Special Site

Official Site

Official Twitter

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