WFS Announces “MEMES” AI Digital Entertainment App Announced for Summer 2021

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WFS has announced “Evolving Girl-Type AI MEMES” (進化する少女型情報体 MEMES) mobile app that is set to launch in summer 2021.


The mobile application is a title jointly developed by Preferred Networks and WFS. By combining the strengths of both companies, it will be an app that aims to create a new kind of digital entertainment with artificial intelligence (AI).

The official website and Twitter have been opened, revealing details about the production staff. The key visuals are created by illustrator Yuugen, who has designed characters for the “Atelier” series. “SIREN” writer Naoko Sato is working on the scenario, while Kan Inoue is composing for the theme song “Birth of MEMES”. Singer kiki vivi lily performs the song with piano by Hayato Sumino (Cateen).

Official Site

Official Twitter

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