“Project MIKHAIL” Reveals Gameplay Video & is Coming to Switch & PC This August

Mr. Qoo Switch PC

aNCHOR’s “Project MIKHAIL” action game has revealed a new gameplay video and producer letter video during the Muv-Luv’s “Breaking Dawn” online event. The game was confirmed to launch on Nintendo Switch, in addition to the PC port in 2021.

Producer Sho Hamanaga added that the game was also developed to adapt the system of PlayStation, Xbox, iOS, and Android. So players can expect its launch on other platforms in the near future, but details are yet to be revealed. In response to the players’ request, adjustments have been made with more BETA (Beings of Extra Terrestrial) added in battles.

He explained that the game featured a “Single-Player” mode for players to enjoy the story and create their very own Tactical Surface Fighter. The battle gameplay required the player’s skills and tactics

The production team tried to avoid monthly charges, but several in-game items such as skin and battle parts would be available for in-app purchases. Large events would be available seasonally. According to Hamanaga, the game will be released in late August.

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