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Konami’s “jubeat” Mobile Game New Version Updated with Over 800 New Songs

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Konami has released a new version of the “jubeat” mobile game on May 7. The new version will have over 800 new songs, including “Gurenge” and “Pretender”.




“jubeat” is the updated version of “jubeat plus” mobile game, which was launched in 2010. Tap the illuminated panels/ markers that synced to the track of your choosing. The song list has over 800 songs including the series’ famous original songs and J-pop songs. There’s a total of 44 markers for players to choose from.



Players can create an original rhythm score with the new” jubeat Lab.” system. You can also share your original score online for other players to play with.


The game includes a normal and a paid Plus mode, where players can play over 1,400 songs without spending the stamina. You can also exchange music packs in the jBlock shop.


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