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“Dragon Quest XII: The Flames of Fate”, “Dragon Quest Treasures,” “Dragon Quest III HD-2D Remake” and “Dragon Quest X Offline” Announced!

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Square Enix’s “Dragon Quest” franchise has revealed 5 new titles including “Dragon Quest XII: The Flames of Fate”, “Dragon Quest Treasures,” “Dragon Quest III HD-2D Remake”, “Dragon Quest X Offline” and “Dragon Quest Keshi Keshi” during the 35th-anniversary special live stream on May 27.

Dragon Quest XII: The Flames of Fate

“Dragon Quest XII Selected Fateful Flame”, the 12th game of the main series, has been announced. According to the series creator Yuji Horii, it is a dark “Dragon Quest” game for adults. He also revealed some interesting keywords including “you are forced to make choices”, “decide your own life”, and “renew the traditional command battle system of the series”.

The game is still under development and is aiming for worldwide release simultaneously. The release date and platform were not yet disclosed.

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Dragon Quest Treasures

A brand-new spin-off game “Dragon Quest Treasures” has been announced, but the release date and platform are not yet revealed.

“Dragon Quest Treasures” is an RPG featuring Kamu and his sister Maya from “Dragon Quest XI: In Search of the Passing Time,” who search for treasure with their friends in a different world when they are a child. This work is a new spin-off work and is said to be developed separately from the “Dragon Quest” series.

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Dragon Quest III HD-2D Remake

A remake of “Dragon Quest III” is also announced with HD-2D graphics that fuses pixel art and 3DCG. It is scheduled to be released worldwide for consoles.

Though the release date was not announced, Horii commented that it is possible that “Dragon Quest I” and “II” are also getting a remake.

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Dragon Quest X Offline

A teaser video of “Dragon Quest X: The Five Awakening Races Offline” was also revealed. The game is a top-down version of “Dragon Quest X: The Five Awakening Races Online” and allows players to play “offline” without internet connection and it is set to release in 2022 in Japan.

The visuals of the current online version will be changed and it aims to become a stand-alone game from “Dragon Quest X”.

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It also announced the next major expansion to “Dragon Quest X”. The version 6 “Dragon Quest X Heroes of the Sky Online” is set to release in fall 2021.

Dragon Quest Keshi Keshi

A mobile puzzle game “Dragon Quest Keshi Keshi!” is revealed together with a promotional video released. Familiar characters, monsters, and items from the series will appear as erasers. It will be released in 2021.

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