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"Alice Closet" English Version Now Opens for Pre-registration!

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Renren Entertainment officially opens the pre-registration of the English version of “Alice Closet” fashion simulation game! It is set to launch for mobile this June.

“Alice Closet” was first launched by DMM Games in Japan in August 2019. Arina Tanemura, creator of shojo manga “Phantom Thief Jeanne”, “Full Moon o Sagashite”, and “The Gentlemen’s Alliance Cross” worked on the character design for the game.

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Deep in the universe, there is an incredible fantasy world.

An ancient and enormous tree, with its mineral-like appearance and shimmering light, has been standing here and protecting this wonderland for a long time. People worshiped the tree as the god of nature and named it the Mothertree, of which branches spread across this land.

The Mothertree contains glittering seeds in which Alice gradually makes herself/himself a human-like shape.

In the light of protection and worship, nations in the world formed the Mothertree Salvation Society which is responsible to take care of the Mothertree, as well as all the Child Trees and Alices.

Under the protection of the Mothertree and the Mothertree Salvation Society, the people of Wonderland live a peaceful and prosperous life.

The Awakened Alice from the Primeval Alice Seed is much rarer and more precious than the regular Alice. The powerful mana in awakened Alice makes them the most special one in fantasy land. This is a world as peaceful as a dream, without disasters and wars.

Until one day, a bizarre phenomenon suddenly appeared on this peaceful land, threatening the lives of all.

This world is no longer tranquil.

The mystery of their origin remains unsolved…

The story of Alice Closet awaits you to uncover!


“Alice Closet” is a dress-up simulation game where players can follow the fantasy story and dress up the “Alice” with different clothes and accessories. Good fashion coordination will raise up your points in the fashion competition, where you can win rare items. Different characters will interact with players through messages and fully-voiced phone calls.


Players can now pre-register the game via HERE. All players can obtain an exclusive costume when the pre-registration reaches 100,000. All the pre-registration rewards are as follows:

20,000: Diamond*300
50,000: Diamond*600
100,000: Exclusive registration costume

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